• Getting started with ZX Spectrum Development

    Excited by meeting Henrique Olifiers and Jim Bagley at last year’s Revival 2016, I was all set to start on developing a game for the upcoming Spectrum Next.

  • Not a Ninja

    I’m not a ninja.

  • Revival Solstice 2016 and the ZX Spectrum Next

    I just got back from the first of two days at Revival Solstice 2016, an amazing retrogaming event. This isn’t the first Revival I’ve been to; they tend to do an event at least once each year. I’d heartily recommend attending to any retro fans out there, or indeed anyone who enjoys games in general; visit the Revival website if you’re interested, although details of the next event haven’t yet been announced (let’s give them chance to finish this year’s event first).

  • Joining the team at Siftware

    Approximately eighteen months after (re-)joining Impact Applications, I’m now moving on to (potentially) greener pastures; I’m joining the team at Siftware!

  • Elite: Dangerous

    I was an early backer of Elite: Dangerous, although I couldn’t afford the steep price demanded to play the alpha or beta versions during development.

  • Why I like Ruby on Rails

    I’ve now been a professional web developer for more than eight years, and I had an interest in web technologies for some years before that. In that time, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time looking for something that would make my life easier, to make me more productive.

My Projects

  • PuTTY Themer

    A very simple command-line tool to apply a colour scheme and font to all PuTTY sessions saved in the user’s registry.

    • Ruby
  • Space Shooter

    The Unity sample project.

    • C#
    • Unity
  • Super Jetroid

    A simple game, created by following Jesse Freeman’s Unity tutorial on Lynda.com.

    • C#
    • Unity

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