Approximately eighteen months after (re-)joining Impact Applications, I’m now moving on to (potentially) greener pastures; I’m joining the team at Siftware!

At Impact, I’ve been one of the most vocal advocates for modernising our ageing application and processes; migrating from the now end-of-life PHP 5.3 stack we’ve been running towards the latest and greatest PHP 5.6. I don’t need to wax lyrical about the benefits of doing so - my new boss, Darren Beale, has done exactly that here: The Business Case for Upgrading PHP

Suffice it to say, Siftware is offering me the opportunity to get deeply involved in just this sort of process, alongside using my existing skills in debugging and diagnosing issues with legacy PHP applications. I’m excited to get started!

Even better, I get to work with some recognised characters from the PHP world and beyond. I’m anticipating learning a great deal, and taking my development skills to the next level…